'When love and skill come together, expect a masterpiece'
John Ruskin, 19th century English philosopher

Kathryn Blackmore-Borel founded L'Art de l'Aiguille, the art of the needle, in 1995. It took the form of a sunny studio situated in the heart of Sillery, Quebec, whose primary aim was to teach classical embroidery techniques using the finest of materials. It also aimed to nurture the creative voice inherent in all of us and encourage its expression through the marriage of colour, fibre, texture, technique and form. Kathryn's keen artistic eye, pedagogical skills and love for her art sparked the attention of many students, young and old. The studio flourished.

It was also a happy coincidence that Quebec City is home to one of the largest collections of religious embroideries in North America, housed in the museums of the Ursulines and the Augustines communities. These historical collections provided a dynamic context for the studio and propelled the conversation about the art form forward, thereby raising the awareness of the general public of the beauty of silk embroidery.

The studio of L'Art de l'Aiguille provided not only a physical space for students but also supplied a large selection of fabrics, cotton, linen and silk, threads from all over the world, a reference library for the students, hundreds of embroidered examples of each of the techniques taught along with the presence of a skilled teacher, Kathryn, who supported her students through their apprenticeship.

Many of these students today are accomplished embroiderers in their own right, some of whom have become teachers themselves.

In 2004, with a strong desire to devote her time purely to her own creative process, Kathryn closed the studio on Maguire Avenue. Currently, she works full time as an embroidery artist from her home studio. She still teaches small groups, on request, and does custom work for individual clients. Not a day goes by that she does not spend at least a couple of hours on some creative work.